Elevate Your Life and Embrace Vitality with Our Revitalizing IV Drips

Experience the transformative power of our IV drips and unleash a surge of vitality into your life! Our comprehensive infusions, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and amino acids, go far beyond plain water, delivering a potent dose of rejuvenation to replenish your body and elevate your overall well-being.


Meet Our Team

Our professional staff is dedicated to exceptional care and service.

Founder & Registered Nurse

Emma, an RN with 18 years of diverse experience in various medical fields, is excited to introduce EXHILARATE! Infusion Spa, the region's first mobile infusion spa serving Batesville and surrounding communities, with booking details available on her Facebook page and private sessions offered at 870 307-9919.

Registered Nurse

With 30 years of experience across various nursing fields—including home health, med-surg, and pediatrics—Dorothy has honed her skills extensively. She has also engaged in travel nursing alongside her sister, Emma Treadway, at St. Louis University Hospital. Dorothy brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to EXHILARATE Infusion Spa.

Embark on a Personalized Wellness Journey

With our extensive selection of drip ingredients and the guidance of our experienced medical professionals, you’ll embark on a personalized wellness journey. We’ll work closely with you to understand your body’s unique needs and curate a drip that aligns perfectly with your wellness goals.

Client Stories

Hear what our clients have to say

Visited the new location on Harrison yesterday for a B-12 shot, and it’s great! They have two rooms with comfy recliners and TV’s. I can’t wait to try out the infusion services—chill-axing while taking in some much needed vitamins and minerals.

Lindsay Penn

Exhilarate infusion spa was great!!! They answered all my questions and assisted with picking out the best IV drip for my needs. I have went back multiple times and can't wait to go more! Thank yall for helping me feel better!

Stacey Gross

I had a wonderful experience @ EXHILARATE Spa. Everything was very clean and the staff were so sweet and knowledgeable about the drips offered. I also felt 100% better after receiving my IV and I would recommend EXHILARATE to anyone.

Natalie Estes